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The first Cofounder, Amina studied at Hamilton College in New York and graduated in 2011 with a degree in Economics and a minor in Creative Writing (poetry). She worked in E-commerce for two years at Rocket Internet and later ventured out on her own. Being a fitness and health buff herself, Amina wanted to introduce a product that not only helps with sustainable weight loss but also helps to improve your health, which led to the launch of Fitfibre.
The second Cofounder, Anum studied at Columbia University in New York and graduated in 2011 with a degree in Political science, Sustainable Development, and Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Cultures. She worked in the health industry and pharmaceuticals for a few years gaining experience and knowledge about the industry. Anum launched Fitfibre because she wanted to introduce an all natural product to the market that made weight loss less stressful and more effective.
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We at Fitfibre believe in healthy and sustainable weight loss. We want to make sure you have a stress free experience and see the best results, while improving your health as well! You guys mean the most to us, which is why we make sure each and every one of you, gets the most personalized experience at Fitfibre! We’re not happy till you’re happy!! We at Fitfibre will be your biggest cheerleaders, your motivators, and your support system! Lets get fit together!!
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Amina studiedto the launch of Fitfibre.

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